The Genealogy Radio show is produced and presented by Lorna Moloney at Raidio Corcabaiscinn. It airs live on Thursday at 4p.m. and is podcast. Lorna runs Merriman Research which is dedicated to bringing educational solutions and resources to a wide audience.
All shows are podcast on mixcloud and recommended shows are available through the links below. Click on the link to listen. We now have a blog linked to the archives to assist those looking for sources and recommendations.

Series 9 - 2019

Series 8 - 2018


Series 7 - Irish Naming Patterns  

Series 7- Irish DNA Atlas and Link to Blog of sources - Literature recommendations

Series 7 - Episode 11- Irish Surnames in Texas: Origins and sources : Link to blog of sources and                                  Lorna's recommendations

Series 7 - Episode 10- : Irish Surnames in Prince Edward Island, Canada   Link to blog of sources and                            recommendations

Series 7 - Episode 9: Irish Surnames in London: Influences and sources   
                 Link to blog of sources and information for Irish Surnames in London: Sources and influences

Series 7: Episode 8: Irish Surnames in Nova Scotia:   Link to Blog for Irish Surnames in Nova Scotia

Series 7: Episode 7 West Cork Surnames in Ireland: Surnames and Sources   
                Link to blog of sources for
The Genealogy Radio show - West Cork Surnames

Series 7: Episode 6 Irish Surnames in Ontario - Lorna Moloney    Link to blog and sources
The Genealogy Radio Show - Irish Surnames in Ontario

Series 7: Episode 5 Clans and Surnames: From Brian Boru to Modern times - Lorna Moloney
                Link to Blog and Sources - The Genealogy Radio Show - Clans and Surnames

Series 7 - Episode 4Galway Surnames and Ancestral Legacies - Lorna Moloney
The Genealogy Radio show Resource Blog - Galway Surnames and Ancestral legacies

Series 7 - Episode 3 Newfoundland Irish Ancestral Legacies - Lorna Moloney
                 See link
The Genealogy Radio Show Resource blog - Newfoundland Irish Legacies

Series 7 - Episode 2 An Exploration of Leitrim Surnames and History - Lorna Moloney
Sources resource for Leitrim genealogy

Series 7 - Episode 1. Drawing your family tree using apps, military sources and print sources of the 'Atlas of the Irish Revolution with Lorna Moloney, Producer and presenter of the 'The Genealogy Radio show' with Raidio Corcabaiscinn




Series 6 - Recommended shows and podcasts for the genealogy radio show

Episode 21 - Raibert MacMhuirich, 'Clan Currie'  Scottish and Irish connections

Episode 20 - Broken by Messines in WW1 - The Grandparents I never knew - Dr Mark Wardlaw

Episode 18 - Ciaran Walsh - Origins in County Mayo

Episode 16 - Operation Shamrock - German evacuees post WWII to Ireland with Aaron Mullane

Episode 14 - Deidre Hunt and the O'Dwyer Clan - Spanish connections

Episode 8 - Memoirs of the OS survey, photography and Irish sources - Lorna Moloney

Episode 7 - The Prendergast connection Jennifer Wood

Episode 6 - Reviewing Family Tree Magazine see

Episode 5- The Parish of Donoughmore-

Episode 4 - The vast resource of O'Casey's Coshe Mange

Episode 3 - Series 6 - We explored a fantastic resource today John Grenham's webiste see  and Presentation of screenshots to use the resource  the podcast is available 

Episode 1 - Series 6 - Clans and Surnames - Introduction to O'Loughlins, Harris, Diamond, Cabell, Forskitt, Mullane projects from the student team from the University of Limerick on co-op at Merriman research



Merriman Research Blog for 'The Genealogy Radio Show'  The Genealogy Radio Show Blog

Series 5 Autumn 2016 - Clans and Surnames of Ireland - Recommended shows

Episode 11 - Christmas Quiz The Genealogy Radio Show Listen Here
                   Link to answer sheet form  Christmas Quiz 2016

Episode 10 - Newspaper sources - Dr Ursula Callaghan  Listen here

Episode 9 - Genealogy software for Family Trees - Lorna Moloney - Listen here

Episode 8 - Origins and Migrations of Limerick surnames with Tony Browne
Listen here

Episode 7 - The History of King's County and Queen's County - Lorna Moloney Listen here

Episode 6 - Source for the 'English' Surname with Allan English and Lorna Moloney and an exploration of the Irish communities in Newfoundland in the early Nineteenth century   LISTEN HERE

Episode 5 - Tony Harpur  'The Glory of the O'Deas' Tony Harpur Repeat programme

Episode 4 - Lorna Moloney - The eventful history of Macs and Os in Irish Surnames  LISTEN HERE

Episode 3 - Tom Hanly - To See Old Shannon's face again - LISTEN HERE

Episode 2 - The History of Registration and 100 Irish surnames from 1890 Matheson List with Lorna Moloney  LISTEN HERE

Episode 1 - From Laois to Kerry - the story of transplantation of the McEvoys, Dowlings, Lawlors, Deeveys, Devoys, O'Mores on the year 1607 from Michael J Keane's last book, Interview with Dr Michael J. Keane   LISTEN HERE



Series 4 - January 2016 -  7 Signatories - 7 Lives - Revolutionary Roots  

Episode 1  The story of a surgeon's residence - Dissecting 89 Georges Street
Episode 2    Revolutionary Roots - Patrick Pearse
Episode 3   Introduction into the lives of the 7 signatories of the 1916 Rising
Episode 4 Tony Harpur  'The Glory of the O'Deas' 
Episode 5 Conan Fitzgerald and Lauren Cassidy - Sean MacDiarmada - Revolutionary Roots
Episode 6  Repeat
Episode 7  Aiden Feerick and Land records - Land records in Nineteenth century Ireland
Episode 8  Ryan Power - Revolutionary Roots - Tom Clarke
Episode 9 Conan Fitzgerald and Paul Barratt - Revolutionary Roots
Episode 10Katie McCurry - Revolutionary Roots, Joseph Mary Plunkett
Episode 11 Revolutionary Roots - James Connolly
Episode 12 Revolutionary Roots - Eamonn Ceannt
Episode 12 - Fiona O'Mahony - EPIC Centre in Dublin
Episode 13 History of the Dispossessed Evictions in Nineteenth century Ireland
Episode 14  Paul Barratt  1901 & 1911 census
Episode 15Dr Maurice Gleeson - DNA
Episode 16  The Genealogy of Gaelic Clans, Lorna Moloney & Dr Joe Mannion
Episode 17  The Genealogy of Gaelic Clans, Lorna Moloney & Dr Joe Mannion
Episode 18 - Australian Emigration Home and Away, after 45 year  Lionel &P.J. Hogan
Episode 19 - East Galway History Society - Monica Hynes & Brian Keary

Series 3  Autumn 2015 - Genealogy Researching in Ireland

Episode 1  How to draw your family tree part II - Susan Kirk Ryan and Lorna Moloney  
Episode 2  Exploring Quakerism - Noel Jenkins
Episode 3 Irish Policemen Tracing your Ancestory in the Force - Jim Herlihy
Episode 4 Exploring the Tithe Applotments - Lorna Moloney
Episode 5 Methodology in Genealogy Practice - Fiona Fitzsimons - Eneclann
Episode 6 Genealogy Research - Pre-1800 records - Lorna Moloney
Episode 7 Exploring Feasts & Festivals - Treasa Kerrigan
Episode 8 The George Boole *200 Project - Olivia Frawley
Episode 9 The Anglo-Norman Lynches of Galway - Professor Paul B. McNulty
Episode 10 Parish Registers Explored - Lorna Moloney
Episode 11  Irish Surnames and Sources - Dr Paul MacCotter
Episode 12 The Tuke Irish in Minnesota: assisted emigration to the American Midwest, 1880-1930. Dr Regina Donlon - Postgraduate Research Scholar NUIG - Irish Research Council

Christmas Recording 2015 GAA and Genealogy - Nicholas Rynne


Series 2  Spring 2015

Episode 1  Trade Directories - Your Ancestors did what?  Lorna Moloney
Episode 2  Marriage & Burial customs - Folklore in practice  Sean Ó Dúil
Episode 3  The Trial of James Cotter - Dr Kieran Groeger
Episode 4 The Tech Revolution in Genealogy Research- Lorna Moloney
Episode 5  Sean J. Murphy Genealogy Research - Sean J. Murphy
Episode 6 Townlands and US Research  - Joe Buggy
Episode 7 Lost at Sea - Searching for seafaring ancestors - Anna McHale
Episode 8 Local Genealogy source locations - John Nangle
Episode 9 Tracing your Cork Ancestors - David Ryan
Episode 10 Local source locations part 2 - John Nangle
Episode 11 How to trace your Clare ancestry - Dr Paddy Waldron
Episode 12 Tracing your Limerick Ancestry - Catriona Crowe
Episode 13 Micro-Histories Parish of Kilnamona - Nicholas Rynne
Episode 14 Too little money - Strokestown - Famine Genealogy
Episode 15 Courts, Convicts & Record at Find My Past - Brian Donovan
Episode 16 Tracing your Kerry Ancestors - Kay Caball


Series 1   Autumn 2014 - Irish Genealogy Research

Episode 1    Drawing Your Family Tree    Lorna Moloney    Merriman Research
This show tells you about the best three strategies to starting 'Drawing your Family Tree". Start with yourself of course and work back. Build your framework and document all.  This episode is an introduction into the world of Genealogy and the basics of discovering your family tree. Lorna brings you through the process of drawing up a Family Tree, giving you the tools to begin your search.

Episode 2   Genealogy Graveyards         Michael O'Connell  RCB

Lorna Moloney gives an in-depth explanation of the invaluable information that cemetery and graveyard records can provide for your genealogical studies. This episode will provide you with the important information needed to fully utilise cemetery records for your search. Michael O'Connell as an expert guest on this regions brings lots of useful information to the show.

Episode 3   The Digital Revolution           Brian Donovan   Eneclann

Genealogy has been revolutionised by the modern use of technology and digital archives. In this episode Lorna takes you through the effects technology has had on genealogical research and shows you what to expect from online archives. Brian Donovan provides the expert info for this show. Brian studied History at Trinity College, graduating in 1989.  He subsequently lectured and tutored in the university and since then has also lectured throughout Ireland and the US on history, genealogy and electronic publishing.  Brian’s experience in digital technology, as well as his background in history, helped motivate the founding of Eneclann, with Fiona Fitzsimons, in 1998.  Brian specialises in Eneclann’s digitisation work, both for commercial clients and for Eneclann’s own publications. 

Episode 4   Irish American Genealogy    John Hamrock  Ancestor Network  

This episode centers all around Irish Americans and is essential for anyone investigating their Irish-American ancestry. Lorna and her guest, John Hamrock explore the rich history of Irish-Americans and provide invaluable tips for anyone who’s interested in researching this topic.

Episode 5   Probate Genealogy              Eileen Ó Dúill    Heirs Ireland

Episode 6   Painful Pasts                         Fiona Fitzsimons        Eneclann
Episode 7    Primary Valuation Griffiths   Aiden Feerick    Irish Ancestor Network
Episode 8   Genealogy of Rich & Poor    David Ryan  Triskel Christchurch Cork
Episode 9   Irish Jewish Genealogy       Stuart Rosenblatt   Irish Jewish Museum
Episode 10 Genealogy Brick Walls       Dr Paul MacCotter
Episode 11  Digitising The 1937 Schools Collection     Críosoir MacCarthaig  UCD
Episode 12  Early Transportation to Australia - Prendergast quest - Jennifer Woods
Episode 13  The Kerry Girls  - Kay Caball
Episode 14  WW1   Ancestry   Ann Marie Coghlan   Family Past and Present
Episode 15  A Time of Our Live - Growing up Irish in Birmingham   Gerald Rice
Episode 16  Champion of the World - Mike MacTigue    Nicholas Rynne

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