Clans and Surnames Resources

  1. Cork University Press   discount code is UCC and this gives you 20% off all publications from the publisher. Recommendations of The Atlas of the Great Irish Famine.
  2. FT-DNA - Discount for DNA      Discount flyer for FTDNA
  3. Reproductive loan fund  - lending to the Industrious Poor - Stephen Dolan - Portumna Workhouse
  4. Drawing your family tree - Lorna Moloney
  5. Swift to do list for Genealogy research - Lorna Moloney
  6. The Genealogy Radio show aired from Kilkee weekly as a voluntary community project podcasts online
  7. Free Irish genealogy ebooks *****
  8. John Grenham Irish Ancestors   subscription based. Names, places and spaces explored for a full range of sources
  9. John Grenham blog
  10. Lorna Moloney - Merriman Almanac - List of online sources  student project for Clans and Surnames 
  11. Dr Paul MacCotter - Crashcourse in Irish genealogy part 1 see
  12. Dr Paul MacCotter - Crashcourse in Irish genealogy part 2 -
  13. Lorna Moloney - Finding your ancestors using military records - Military records online
  14. Lorna Moloney ' The Story of the Macs and O's in Irish family history research' The Genealogy Radio Show aired on November 2016 at  Kilkee Radio Corcabaiscinn

  15. Aiden Feerick - Genealogy resources  & Griffiths Valuation radio interview for Genealogy radio show

  16. Sean J. Murphy - Surnames Workshop  Surnames workshop
  17. Overcoming your brick walls - Lorna Moloney 
  18. Developing your research plan - Lorna Moloney
  19. Using Trello - Lorna Moloney
  20. Digital research management Visual organisers for genealogy research - Lorna Moloney
  21. Historic Town Atlas from the Royal Irish Academy
  22. Ask about Ireland - Griffiths valuation
  23. The creation of Osi Historic Mapping
  24. Daithi O'Riain - Maximising your family history research 
  25. Dr Michael Christopher Keane - From Laois to Kerry Presentation - Book available for sale at €20.00
  26. Rosaleen Underwood - The Do's and Don't of Family Trees
  27. Dr Penny Walters - Is Adoption a primal wound - Primal wound presentation
  28. Ed Madden - The Headstone Madden Project - Madden family presentation
  29. Student team presentations for Lifelong Learning Limerick
    1. Link Workshop Presentations - Lifelong Learning  - Aaron Mullane
    2. Link Workshop presentation Graves and Graves Databases - Lifelong Learning - Katie Harris
    3.  Link Workshop Presentation Griffiths Valuation - Quinn Forskitt
    4. Link Workshop Presentation - Ciaran Walsh
    5. Link Workshop Presentation - Patrick Cable
    6. Link Workshop Presentation -1901 & 1911 census Glenn McLoughlin
  30. Clans and Surnames Collection Care - Lorna Moloney
    1. Handling techniques from object transfer - the eight-step approach - Pegasus handling techniques
    2. Collection Care and Conservation  - Collection Care and conservation
    3. Caring for your film collection   Collection Care presentation -film
    4. Collection Care - Paper, books  Collection Care Paper
    5. Collection Care for film   Collection care criteria checklist
    6. Emergency preparation
    7. Drying procedures for water damage - Drying procedure  
    8. Emergency management   - Emergency management