Clans and Surnames - Product and Service Recommendations

This latest blog post announces Clans and Surnames product and service recommendations prior to our Irish family research week May 15 -19, 2017. We are happy to endorse, recommend and work with this listing.

I met with Wladimir Ledochowski at WDYTYA 2017 at the NEC in Birmingham and am very impressed with his work. Wladimir has always been interested in Genealogy and started painting family trees for friends and family as a young boy. With experience he came to realise that whilst people wanted to own his work, many were unable to pay for the 6 weeks work it typically takes to paint a bespoke family tree. During a family reunion he was asked whether it was not possible to make fine art prints of his work to share with other family members. Out of this idea grew the fine art print business he now manages. By digitizing his work and subsequently "recycling" (for lack of a better word) his paintings he can offer bespoke family trees that look hand painted. This way he can significantly reduce time spent on each custom family tree thus making the product accessible to everyone. Families can order multiple copies pf the family tree and spread the cost of the fine art print amongst themselves. By mixing technology with good old fashioned handycraft Wladimir creates a unique product that will transform your family history into a unique work of art. Wether you are looking for an ascendant or descendant family tree Wladimir can cater to most tastes and has many different variations that should appeal to everyone. His work is amazing and I am happy to discuss small and large projects, commissions and portfolios at and suggest you take a look at his website at

Wladimir Ledochowski  

Wladimir Ledochowski  

'Found Dead or Alive' Genealogy Talks at City Hall, Cork, - Over 50s show March 4th & 5th

You all know that Over 50 is the new Over 30s for interests, resources and cultural pursuits. This is why Lorna Moloney (APG) & SoG(UK) who is Over 50 but doesn't look a day over 27 years has scheduled a genealogy corner at the Over 50s show in Cork. This is taking place in City Hall, March 4th & 5th. Just click and then Click to get your FREE TICKET 'FOUND DEAD OR ALIVE'. Our talks at the Genealogy Corner at the Over 50s in Cork are simply wonderful with terrific experts. These talk will take place in City Hall, Cork City on March 4th & 5th. If you would like to take a table with us or would like leaflets displayed for a nominal cost, please contact Lorna Moloney at 085-8721184 or email  Our talks include:

(1) Dr Michael Christopher Keane; From Family Tree to Published Book - From Laois to Kerry. This talk will explore the journey of this author on a family history topic and goal for many. Contact Michael at

(2) Dr Penny Walters - Dr Penny Walters was adopted at birth (‘luckily’to a lovely couple), and is now a University guest Lecturer (within Psychology, Business Studies & Ethics). Penny is a mother of 6 (aged 11-30). Her ancestral search has taken her back from the UK, through south Wales’ coalmines, to the Irish Famine and specifically to Cork (Drimoleague) & Kerry (Sneem) Penny's aim is to talk about the issues adopted people have when looking at one’s roots, specifically, that adopted people can’t verify any information from blood relatives.  Penny will talk us through the issues adopted people have when looking at one’s roots, specifically, that adopted people can’t verify any information from blood relatives. In addition, there are ethical dilemmas when researching a family that you have never met, nor have any information about, the Pandora’s box you may be opening, and not being able to put any ‘flesh on the bones’ of the lives of the people within the certificates you can obtain.

DNA testing revealed that Penny has 71% Irish heritage, which supports the paper trail of ¾ of her ancestors coming from southern Ireland. This emotional search has led Penny to travel within the last year to Cork, Belfast, Dublin, and soon to Nenagh, where Penny will be lecturing on the Clans and Surnames Irish Family History Research week May 15 -19, 2017 see Feel free to email her at: or add her on FB or Instagram, (Penny Walters). 

(3) Lorna Moloney - How to hand your Family Tree using Online sources Lorna will be talking you through the opportunities to be gained online for Irish genealogy. Lorna is running the event Clans and Surnames in May at Nenagh, Co. Tipperary which is a wonderful opportunity to trace your Irish roots.

(4) Tony Harpur: The 1842 Catholic Parish of Midleton in County Cork. Tony is an expert on Midleton and has a wonderful professional experience of Irish History and Ancestry. Tony will also be speaking at the Clans and Surnames event in May, 2017.

(5) Uilleann Ceoil - Irish Musical Lecture Uilleann Ceoil are leading ambassadors providing music accompaniment for Heritage events in Ireland. With a proven track record of providing trad sessions for University College Cork, Uilleann Ceoil will take us through the story behind Irish music. for more information and bookings.

(6) Sandra Bamber - How to draw your family tree using traditional methods of calligraphy, pen and ink. Sandra is an arts and crafts expert and has assisted with the running of events at Merriman Research with Lorna Moloney for years. Sandra will be leading the arts and crafts component of the Winter event at the GN Abbeycourt, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary on November 7 -10, 2017 for our Curious Tourist series for Irish heritage tours, see

(7) Christine Deakin Irish Genealogy Solutions : Are you looking after your family History Collection? Acid free storage products are essential for long term preservation. The usual types available in the high street are full of chemicals which can damage or destroy items. Irish Genealogy Solutions supply acid free products which are specifically designed for the storage and mounting of Certificates, photos, documents and other forms of memorabilia. We also supply the Irish Roots Binder Magazine Binder. 024 97963 / 087 3156807 Christine is an expert on these matters and this is a valuable opportunity to meet with her at this event website :

(8) David Ryan ' How to Trace your Cork ancestors' David Ryan an expert on Cork and Tipperary ancestors will be available to talk to you about this avenue of Genealogy research. David is currently compiling genealogy workshops in Cork and is highly recommended.

(9) Kay Caball. 'Finding your ancestors in the Census' author and expert genealogist of My Kerry Ancestors  of

(10) Daniel Purcell, Irish Family History Centre - Getting started in Family                   History Genealogy

Our tables in situ at the event offering advice, products and information are:

Family History Events - Clans and Surnames

Family History Club - The next evening for the Family History Club is 29 November at the County Arms Hotel, Birr, Co. Offaly. This commences at 7:00 and finishes at 9:00p.m. This is ideal for those who are looking for practical advice on their family history research. It is led by Lorna Moloney and the cost is €10.00

Family History Club - Limerick city. This will be held on 2 December at LEDP, Roxboro Rd from 2.30 to 4.30 and is ideal for those who are absolute beginners in their family history research. The cost is €10.00 and this is led by Sandra Bamber.

Family History Fair - 11 December at the Great National Abbeycourt Hotel, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary. This is a day for those who wish to engage with resources of traditional and online types and to find valuable resources to aid in undertaking Family History Research. We will have Genealogy Professionals on hand to assist and Admission is Free.

Clans and Surnames Week - May 15 -19, 2017. This is a week of lectures, fieldtrips, seminars and workshops and includes a conference on Friday 19 May also. We have a call for papers for same so please email with same. Our programme can be seen at



The Tribes of Galway by Adrian Martyn


Fourteen families from the medieval Irish lower-classes rose to become Galway’s prime merchant families, nicknamed the tribus Galvia in the 1600s.

The families of Athy, Blake, Bodkin, Browne, Darcy, Deane, Font, French, Joyce, Kirwan, Lynch, Martyn, Morris, Skerrett, have been THE TRIBES OF GALWAY ever since.

Over the course of four centuries, they and their fellow Galwegians survived and o en thrived against warlords and sieges, during economic booms and busts, times of plenty, famine, and plague. All within Europe’s most westerly urban settlement. This is their story and Adrian Martyn is launching his book tonight. The book is on sale through bookshops and online through Adrian's website at An absolute must for the Christmas list. Well done Adrian.


The History of the naming of County Laois and County Offaly

Tomorrow's genealogy radio show is going to be about the history of the naming of Laois as Queen's County and Offaly as King's County. Popular practice for English monarchs to name locations after people. For instance Queens in New York was established as one of the 12 counties of NY being named after the Portuguese Princess Catherine of Braganza, the wife of Charles II of England in 1683. 
Only Queen's county and King's County was over one hundred years earlier during the Tudor rule of Mary, a.k.a Bloody Mary, Queen Mary I, the infamous monarch known as a burner of heretics. Kings county was named after husband King Philip II of Spain. You can tune in via your computer live at 4p.m. for Raidio Corcabaiscinn and the genealogy radio show or pick it up later on the podcast.

Clans and Surnames Newsletter & Events Memo

Our newsletter is underway and will be launched shortly. This will give information about events coming up, sources, and development in Irish family research and on clans and surnames. Our current calendar has the following events planned:

For details on any of the events below, contact Lorna Moloney at 085-8721184 or

  • County Arms Hotel, Birr, Co. Offaly 29 November -  Family History Club, Convener: Lorna Moloney   7p.m. - 9p.m.  adm: €10.00
  • Great National Abbeycourt Hotel, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, Family History Fair,  December 11th 2016 - 11.30 - 4.30, Admission Free.
  • Clans and Surnames Programme May,  15 -19, 2017  Organiser: Lorna Moloney: Great National Abbeycourt Hotel, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, we have a presentation at and for Early Bird Booking details see

Clans and Surnames at Back to Our Past in the RDS 21 - 23 October

Clans and Surnames are at Back to Our Past 2016 this year. Back to Our Past is at the RDS this weekend running from 21 October to 23 October. The lectures are simply amazing at this years event and we will be on hand to help you with your family research and to overcome your research brick walls. 

We will be promoting our event coming up in Tipperary in 2017, our clans and surnames week of family history research which concentrates on practical aspects of getting your family history research done or in some cases started.

In addition, we have a 3 hour research prize for a lucky winner this weekend, so do drop by for a chat with us. The programme guide for lectures, exhibitors and contact details for all is available here #BTOP2016   Programme Guide

Our Clans and Surnames Programme and event details are available at



Sources for Mac and O in Surnames

Irish surnames are fascinating, complex, confusing and have irritated many for a variety of different reasons.  The disappearance of the Mac and O and reappearance over centuries frequently exasperates the searcher of Irish roots whether amateur or professional. Which is more common? Why do some families use the Mac and others not? Some of these issues can be solved by knowing a little of Irish historical events.

This shows investigates the impact of the Tudor conquest and the  subsequent perception of the barbarous nature of Irish surnames using Mac and O. It evaluates the need for names to sound English and ‘civilized’, no longer belonging to a barbarous sounding tongue. The use of the Mac and O and sources for same can be found by listening to ‘The History of the Mac and O in Surnames”



Edward MacLysaght, The Surnames of Ireland (Dublin, 1999). - A detailed and compact guide giving a wealth of information of the background of Irish family names. More than 4,000 Gaelic, Norman and Anglo-Irish surnames.

John Grenham   This is excellent value and provides an expert research tool for those mapping surnames from Griffiths valuation.

UCC Corpus of Electronic Text:

Facebook page Irish Medieval History source to

Irish Genealogy, Heraldry and family history at the National library of Ireland
PDF sources here

An excellent annotated bibliographic recordfor Irish surnames can be seen by the following bibliography at